Waste from plastic-based materials that can be recycled or waste from factories that use plastic-based materials, such as ex-vehicle accessories and ex-electronic waste made from plastic, can actually make money and can be a source of stages.

The plastic waste recycling business can now improve the economy of the surrounding community.
To be able to recycle plastic waste, the following is a step-by-step process for recycling plastic waste into materials that can be used again to produce a product:


Collection of ex-factory materials using plastic-based materials or managing plastic-based waste.
Ex-factory waste or plastic-based waste is collected from scavengers or collectors who are deposited and paid per kilogram every day.


This sorting is carried out after the plastic waste that has been collected then passes the materials and colors not mixed when entering the next process.


After sorting, the grinding process is carried out using a plastic waste crusher into small sizes, known as plastic pellets or plastic seed mills.

The plastic waste is put into the machine with a mixture of clean water to become clean garbage.


Drying is done after the grinding process and the used plastic waste must have turned into clean plastic pellets.

The plastic seeds are dried in the sun for about 7 hours to 8 hours.


The packing is done after the drying process of the materials that have been dried in the sun until they are completely dry and usually the packaging is put into sacks with a minimum standardization of each bag of 20kg-25kg. After packing the sacks that meet the standards, it means that the processed plastic waste can be distributed to factories that can make plastic-based products.

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